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Social Media Management Services


Thank you for your interest in my social media management services.

As a published author, I have always taken an interest in social media. After doing a ton of research, my publisher saw that I was successful with networking myself as an author and suggested I offer my services to other authors, which I have done over the last six years.

Algorithms and rules are constantly changing, and as your social media manager, you can rely on me to stay on top of it!

What do you do as a social media manager?

I can:

Assist you or take over your social media accounts by posting for you daily

Grow your social media accounts

Set up your main five social media channels, secondary channels, and Linktree

Set up a blog for you through Blogger

Send you monthly reports so you can see how your accounts are growing

I do not have a set price for everyone. Each individual author has a different need and budget. I create individual proposals for each author, writer, and blogger according to their needs.

I would consider it an honor to work with you!

Please email me to set up a time to speak over the phone about your projects and needs.

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