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Copy-Editing Services


Thank you for your interest in my copy-editing service.

As a published author, I have always edited my own books. After receiving a compliment from my publisher about my editing skills, I decided to provide copy editing services for other authors.

What is a copy editor?

A copy editor looks for and corrects errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling. We also check for story flow. I take my copy-editing services one step further and check for consistencies in all of these areas.

What do you mean you check for consistencies?

Let me give you an example to clarify. Let's say you use the word Sherriff in your story and you use it often. Now, let's say that the first three times you use the word, you use it with a capital S and then you change it and you start using a lower case s. I would pick up on this and change them all to use a capital S.


I have a certificate from Wake Technical Community College: The Keys To Effective Editing and Advanced Fiction Writing  

I copy edit fiction and non-fiction books.

Non-fiction typically takes longer to edit than fiction.

I accept PayPal and Cashapp as payment options.

I will stay connected with you throughout the entire process.


My fee is $30 an hour.

It typically takes me 1 hour to edit up to 3,000 words.

We can decide on invoice options: paying 1 chapter at a time or making 2 to 3 payments throughout the process.

I would consider it my honor to work with you on your project!

Please email me for additional information or to move forward:

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