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Cooking / Baking

At the end of each book, I always include recipes. I enjoy trying new recipes and when I find one that my family truly enjoys, I will include it into the storyline of one of my books.



I read a shirt once that said, "I run to burn off the crazy!" It made me chuckle. I do enjoy running. I run because it keeps me healthy and is a fantastic way to release negative energy. 



I do a bit of freelance writing in addition to writing books. It has taken me some time to be able to create a balance between the two! 

Copy Editing

I have always edited my novels. After receiving compliments from my publisher on my work, I decided to copy edit for other authors. What do copy-editors do? We edit punctuation, grammar, spelling, and flow.

Social Media Management

After learning how to network myself as an author on social media, I took my skills and started offering social media management for other authors and businesses.



Yes, I dabble in this too! I absolutely love taking pictures of nature.


Family / Friends

My family is the reason I press forward with my writing day after day after day. Writing is my passion and my dream. If there ever comes a moment where I need extra strength to press on, all I do is think about them and I have all of the strength I need.

I have a small circle of friends who have an important roll in my life. It can be difficult to find people worthy of your trust and time. Thankfully, I have found a select few and I cherish them dearly. 








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